Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Confession

Don't be fooled about this title of this post. xD

Actually, this post is not important.
Three days more before new year, I just want to confess some things about this blog..

First, I'm so sorry for not fullfill my promise to write about my internship.
Internship was so fun with cool supervisor, manager, mentor, partners, and clients. I'm kinda busy about doing assignments, exams, papers, (and distance about my home and campus) are trying to kill me. Therefore I can't write so much about internship and I can't remember it a lot. Haha..

Second, I delete my last post titled "...". It was such as a galau post and I hate to see it on my blog.. xP
It embarrassing.
I promise to write no more galau post.. Please remind me about that.... ~xP

And the last,
Thank you for kindly read my blog. I hope you enjoy and can learn from my mistake, adventure, and success.
Please feel free to add any comments in each post.

Thanks for your attention.

Cynthia Eveline

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It’s like forgetting someone we never knew

There are many stories about breakup in fairly tale even in reality. I have some experiences about breakup as well. Separate with somebody like friends, relatives and people I love the most. I also have heard about my significant others’ separation with theirs lovely. I know what its like; I know how its feel. At first, it makes me getting afraid of separation when I get close with someone. But now I can see; It just a common thing in this life. Separation is not always bad. Separation is not anyone’s false; it just has to be happened. There are so many things we can learn from separation. In some cases, we can forget instantly about the people or the moment after separation.

In this Christmas, God reminds me that He never separate His Love from us; He can’t do it. As long as we are still breathing, He always tries getting closer to us even if we make Him disappointed. He loves us so much no matter how bad we are or how bad our life. This is different from what we do, sometimes, we just try getting closer to Him when we have problems we can’t solve its alone. We just try to seek Him when we need something we haven’t got. We often make mistakes. But no matter how many mistakes we have made, He never gives up on us. Separate His love from us it just like forgetting someone we never knew.

This Christmas, I want to thank God for never gives up on me. Thanks for loving unperfected me.
And all I want for Christmas is You, Lord. :)

"He has saved us and called us to a holy life - not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time - 2 Timothy 1:9 " 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what's best friend really mean?

Nowadays, I've been thinking about friendship. What is a friendship mean? What is a friend mean? and... What is a best friend mean?

Do you have a best friend? I'm sure everybody has friends, at least everybody has one, but maybe not everybody has a best friend.

In my life, I've been making so many friends and a few best friends. I can not get close either trust somebody easily. But I'm very welcome if somebody wanna be my friends.
But this one last year, I feel so different. I can get close to people easier than before and it makes me have more friends and more fun. I enjoy every moments I share with them. They are a gift from God.
Sometime, friendship works on me. But sometime, it doesn't.
I do a lot of things with friends. For me, friends are somebody whom I share time, things, feelings, minds, and many more with.
As an introvert, I've been being selective about "who the person that I can tell my privacy with". I'm sure that some extroverts do the same, but we do more. HAHA.. And I called the choosen as "best friend".

So far, I have about four best friends. Two of them are friends in college, one of them is my high school friend, and the another is a partner on sunday school.
And I was wrong to think about best friend.
I thought best friends MUST ALWAYS there when I NEED them.
I thought best friends MAY NOT leave me.

and when two of my best friends just have got their own boyfriend. Of course I'm happy for them but they are getting far from me.
I think they don't need me anymore, that's why I start to ignore them.


I just have reliazed that I should BE a best friend and NOT EXPECT someone being a best friend for me.

I'm so blessed that Jesus gives me so much examples. I learn from Him. Honestly, sometime I ignore Jesus presence in my life. Sometime I can't think clearly and become so busy with my own businesses.
I'm so thankful He always remember me all the ways. He always realize me when I'm getting far from Him. He teaches me how to love others with a genuine heart. Now I can understand how to BE a BEST FRIEND.

I have to provide my ears when they want to tell me about their problems even though they are not around when I need to tell them about mine.
I have to provide my hands to help them when they need it even though they are not around when I need theirs.
I have to cheer them up when they feel sad even though they are not around when I need to be cheer.
I have to be a shoulder to cry on when they feel so sad even though they are not around when I cry a lot.

Because Jesus do those things to me.. He never ignore me even though sometime I make Him sad. He is my best friend and I've been trying to be His best friend as well.
Thank you, Jesus. Now I see what a best friend really means :')

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Slalu bersamaku - Giving My Best

Selalu bersamaku
(always with me)

Hanya Kau tempatku berlindungku
(You alone are my refuge)

Hanya Engkau laguku dan kekuatanku
(You alone are my song and my strength)

Izinkanlah ku datang menyembah, membawa syukurku
(Let me come to worship, bring my gratitude)

Sedalamnya hatiku Kau pun tahu
(You know about what the deepest in my heart)

dan kasih Mu tak jauh dalam jiwaku
(and Your love is not far from my soul)

Di dalam kesesakkan, di dalam kemenangan
(In tightness, in victory)

Ku tahu Engkau selalu bersamaku
(I know You are always with me)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The unforgettable of the last holiday..~

1. Passport tragedy
I've already told about it.
Actually I don't want to exlpain anything because they could only listen but they couldn't understand.

2. Disneyland
One of coolest place I've ever visited. I hope someday I will go to Disneyland again.

3. Shenzhen
I like almost nothing about Shenzhen. Especially the people and enviorments.
The people was not polite enough. Mereka nyerobot aja kalo lagi ngantri. Kesel banget..
and mostly they can't speak English. Itu sangat menghambat komunikasi.
Dan lingkungannya dong.. Jorok sangat... Di W.C aja ga disediain tissue. Grrr....~

4. Macau
Yaaayyy.. I love Macau. Barang original dan ga mahal. Dari yang ga suka shopping jadi suka shopping di sana. Hehehe.. ^^

5. The foods
tidak terlupakan bukan karena makanannya enak tapi justru karena tasteless.
100x lebih enak masakan Indonesia. haha..
dan yang ga biasanya, justru di sana kalau mau mineral water itu ada biaya tambahan. Di sana, apapun makanannya minumnya TEH. -_-"
katanya sih biar memperlancar pencernaan karena semua makanan di sana sepertinya mengandung unsur babi.. hehe..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Macau - We are so in love

November 20th & 21st, 2011
@Soekarno-Hatta airport

We went from home about 6 p.m and arrived in aiport about 08.30.. a little bit traffic.
We met with tour leader named Denny Eryandi. In the airport, we met some atlhetes for sea games.. They are all so cute.. >_<"
We went to boarding room and I saw three ethnics in front of me: chinesse, middle east, and melayu. nice view and unique. It reminds me 'How great is our God'


It was a long-long journey. Jakarta - Manila can be through in 3 hours 45 minutes. Arrived in Manila at 6 GMT+8
Bad moment happened here... there was some umbrellas on our bags and the immigrant officers said: "it's not allow to bring umbrellas on cabin" she gave an option to collect the umbrellas in a bag and checked it in. The officer took them on MY BAG and my sister took it directly and NO ONE ask my permission. They didn't know there was my passport there. *tepok jidat Aloi. lho?* hahaha.. and after they knew, they blamed me.. -_-"
Simply, the passport finally back to me with airport's officers help.
Special thanks for Mr. Marchadesch Jowellson.

November 21st, 2011
@Disneyland, Hong Kong
Our local guide named Mr. Christopher. He was very kind.
Hong Kong is so different with Jakarta.
It was rarely smokers, and almost no polutions. Believe it or no, my brother's acne dissapeared.. i don't know how it works.. haha..
Mr. Christopher took we up to Disneyland. Me and fam took so many pictures there.
Disneyland is so amazing... I can't describe it very well.
In my opinion, Dufan has more challanging game, but for technology, hygiene, and safety - Disneyland is so much better.

We went to Hotel at 6 GMT+8. We stayed at Harbour Plaza 8 Degree Hotel. My sister went shop to Ladies market. Me and my brother walked around Hotel. It was so cold night. The view was not really good. Building, building, and buildings.. and so quite as well.

November 22, 2011
Hong Kong

@JC Jewerly workshop & Ginseng Shop
skip those places.. nothing interest there for me.. xP

@Victoria Peak
We used peak tram (One Way). Semacam kereta, itu jalannya menanjak... sepertinya lebih dari 45 derajat. We can see the views of Hong Kong from highest.

@Jumbo floating restaurant
Had lunch there. We had to use a boat to reach that place.

@repulse bay
like a beach and a lot of sculptures. Indonesia's bays and beaches are the best.

@Avenue of Stars
We can see signature, footprints, and handprints of chinesse actors and actresses there.

In the night, we went to Shenzhen. About two hours to get there from Hong Kong.

November 23, 2011
A local guide named Acun. He was not so kind. Hahaha.. talk to much.. and can't speak bahasa Indonesia very well.

@Silk Shop & Mineral Museum
Nothing interest there for me.

@Splendid China
Nice place. So much miniatur of China. Just like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII).

@Lou Hu Market
So silly. How could I gave 20 HK Dollars for a hair band. I laugh at my self everytime I remember that.

November 24, 2011
Shenzhen - Macau

Local guide named Mr. Pieter. I think Mr. Pieter is about 70 years old. He looked so old.

We went to Macau at morning with ferry. We had city tour there. We went to Ruins St. Paul, a symbol of Macau City. Macau had been a centre of Catholic Religion but now it changes at all.. Macau is the biggest gambling in the world. We saw A-ma Temple - the oldest temple in Macau, Nam Van Lake, and Kwan Im Statue. We went to Macau Tower (233 m). Whoever brave enough to do bungee jumping there, he/she will get world record. Beside those places, we visited Grand Prix & Wine Museum. Then we went to City of Dreams and watched "Dragon Treasure Show". Two thumbs up for the technology.
After that, we went to Venetian (Casino). 14 hectares. Cool place. I bought some perfumes there.
All the things that be sold in Macau are original but I think the price is normal, not too expensive. Maybe because the things are tax free.

In the night, me and fam walked around the city. We went to Grand Lisboa, one of casino places. Many people there. I was so curious to play the gambling, especially Jackpot game.. You can get a million dollars only on a minute if you're lucky ($.$) *cringg crringg...* Hahaha.. but don't worry.. I didn't do it. xP

November 25, 2011
Back to reality

Computer's Macau airport was broken. and the flight was dellayed. Finally, we arrived at Manila. I wanted to call a friend who lives in Phillippine. I tried to find a phone, but it used credit card - I don't have any credit card. Hahaha..

From Manila to Jakarta takes about 4 hours.
Then from Jakarta to Bogor takes 1,5 hours.

Finally home.

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."
2 Corrinthians 2:9

and the last thing and least :P
I tell you a secret, please don't tell anyone.. I still can't use chopsticks correctly.. >_<"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"it's okay" is the most common lie in the world

sometime when I say "I'm okay" I just want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me tight, and say, "I know you're not"


Monday, November 14, 2011

Here I am LORD

"Here I am, LORD.., Is it I LORD?
I have heard you calling in the night.

I will go LORD, if you lead me.
I will hold your people in my heart."

Words: Daniel L Schutte

Friday, November 11, 2011

am trying to stand firm

Oh Tuhan, perubahan kurikulum di fakultas membuatku hampir gila. Bayangkan saja,, seharusnya aku hanya mengambil satu mata kuliah di semester ini tetapi aku harus mengambil dua mata kuliah tambahan. Sebenarnya itu bukan masalah kalau fakultas sudah mempersiapkan segala sesuatunya dengan matang. Tetapi mereka memberikan mata kuliah dengan materi yang SEMUA nya sudah dipelajari di semester dua dan tiga. Lalu tim dosen memberikan tugas dengan tuntutan yang cukup berat menurutku.

Selain mata kuliah tersebut, ada mata kuliah lain yang mewajibkan kami bekerja minimal 72 jam kerja. Kami harus mencari tempat kerja sendiri dan kemudian meminta nilai dari supervisor kami. Setelah itu, kamu harus melaporkannya kembali ke dosen dan diuji. Yang paling buruk adalah mereka baru memberikan format laporannya kemarin dan jangka waktu yang diberikan dua minggu. Aku sudah kehilangan lima hari –hampir seminggu- untuk pembuatan tugas karena aku harus pergi ke luar negeri. Dan mata kuliah wajib untuk menyusun proposal skripsi ku masih dalam proses. Aku pergi ke BNN pagi tadi dan mereka baru bisa memberikan kepastian dalam waktu kurang lebih seminggu. Tuhan, aku merasa terlalu banyak yang harus kuselesaikan tapi terlalu sedikit waktu yang kumiliki.

Aku percaya Tuhan, ga ada yang kebetulan terjadi di dalam hidupku. Semuanya telah Engkau rancangkan untukku dengan matang-matang, termasuk perubahan kurikulum ini. Mungkin ini bagiku adalah sebuah kebetulan yang seharusnya tidak perlu terjadi.

Kalau aku belum bisa memahami maksudMu sekarang ini, setidaknya beritahu aku bagaimana cara menghadapinya ya Tuhan…

Menangis ataupun mengeluh, merasa diri sebagai korban itu tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah dan tugas-tugasku. Engkau sudah terlalu banyak menasehatiku Tuhan dan memberikan aku kata-kata penguatan. Dan Engkau berkata bahwa setiap kata yang terucap dariMu tidak akan pernah kembali dengan sia-sia. Oleh karena itu Tuhan, biarkanlah kata-kataMu bekerja di dalamku… Engkau bilang, semua bisa dilakukan bersama Engkau yang ada di dalamku..

Thursday, November 3, 2011


"no matter how hard the situation is... there's always something to be thankful."


Thursday, October 27, 2011

student prayer (last year on university)

Dear Lord,
help me to always have a positive attitude, to study to the best of my abilities, and always remember that your grace is sufficient to meet every challenge I may face.

I read this words on my table.. when I think I'm going to give up on my thesis proposal..
But I know, give up is never gonna be my choice. So I lift my head up and say this prayer.
I know everything is on God's control. I just have to believe and do my best.
Hope never fails.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a prayer

When I feel so lonely and there's no one around, I believe that God always beside me.
I want to keep His promise for He always give everything on time.
When I feel happiness and there's no one to share, I believe that God is waiting for my thankful.
I want to learn His commands for He is the source of my life.

It feels so hard nowadays, God..
and I need Your strength..
to rescue me.. to support me.. to teach me wherever I go..
Don't let me loose Your way.., for I am nothing without You...

Bring me closer to You..,
Fill my heart with Your love..
Shine my self with Your light..
I need Your shoulder... Comfort me with Your hug..
Tell me that I can through these all with You..


Sunday, October 16, 2011

the most favorite band

For all of my life, this is the first time I join in the band. I replaced my sister who can not attend for the competition for playing the piano instrument. Actually I was affraid. I was affraid to make others get upset with my performance because I don't have any experience before.. But I told to my brain and heart to be sure that everything is going right if I practice, practice and practice..
And I always read tweets that always support my mind especially Rick Warren's tweets. So inspiring.
The band mostly practiced at night.. and I stayed in Ester's dormitory (thanks to you, my best friend).
Finally, when I was step on the stage I felt so wonderful but when I got behind the keyboard, suddenly I felt so nervous. I relaxed my self. inhale.. exhale.. haha.. It was so funny if I remember that.. I also pray for I can give my best.
A bandmate gave me sign to start first, and I started press the keys.. and I felt that my tempo is too slowly.. so sad :( But in the chorus the other instruments played together so I got back the tempo. Thank God.
We were not be a champion but we got the most favorite band. Nice..
It is just for God Glory not our victory.

You can see a video when we were practicing here:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cognitive Disonance

Why there's so difficult to be open to others, especially strangers..?
Why do I so shy and quiet...?

Okay, maybe I talk a lot of things but not deeply..
When my heart says many things but I just speak slightly..

How to express feelings in heart...? Oh God, help me to say it..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Pernah ngerasain terlambat gaa? tapi bukan terlambat biasa.. terlambat yang disertai dengan penyesalan..

Gw sering banget denger cerita-cerita dramatik seperti itu..
Misalnya seorang anak yang terlambat menyampaikan rasa terima kasih pada orangtuanya.
Atau cerita tentang seorang kekasih yang ditinggal pasangannya sebelum meminta maaf.

Tapi kali ini, kali ini, kali ini..
gw yang merasakan "terlambat"

Hari Jumat lalu ada teman gw yang sakit dan dirawat di Rumah Sakit.. ya.. Dulu gw dekat dengan dia, karena satu dan lain hal, akhirnya udah ga sedekat dulu lagi..
di hari Sabtu semua teman-teman gw menjenguk dia, tapi gw gak bisa makanya gw gak jenguk.
Minggu sibuk, Senin sibuk, akhirnya di hari Selasa ini gw setelah kuliah dan ke IIEF berencana untuk menjenguk dia.

Gw liat di timeline twitter, semua bilang kalau di Bogor ada hujan es, hujan badai, angin kencang, petir..
Memang sih gw merasakan semua itu diperjalanan selama di kereta tapi gw abaikan..
Gw turun dari kereta naik angkot 03 turun di Botani ke Gramedia beli amplop biasa dan amplop ucapan semoga cepat sembuh. Ke J.Co untuk beli oleh-oleh untuk dia dan keluarganya. Di J.Co Gw mempersiapkan segala hal. Gw nulis surat ucapan semoga cepat sembuh. Mempersiapkan beberapa rupiah untuk sedikit membantu biaya pengobatan.
Gw pikir ini saat yang tepat untuk menunjukan kalau gw sangat peduli dengan dia.
Gw naik angkot 06, turun di tempat yang sudah dekat dari Rumah Sakit kemudian berjalan ke arah Rumah Sakit tempat ia dirawat.
Masuk ke kamar yang ternyata bukan kamar dia.. yah.. anggaplah gw salah kamar. haha..
Kemudian gw cek sms gw yang kemaren-kemaren yang ada isinya ajakan untuk menjenguk teman gw tersebut. Akhirnya gw menemukan kamar dia di rawat.

Pada saat gw memasuki kamar tersebut ada anak perempuan kecil dengan manisnya memanggil gw "kakak"... dan gw pun membalasnya dengan sapaan "hallo adek..." sambil berlalu begitu saja mencari tempat tidur teman gw. Gw merasa orang-orang yang menemani bocah kecil tadi berbicara dengan agak sedikit kencang namun gw abaikan. Gw berjalan terus mencari teman gw.. tapi gw ga berhasil menemukannya dan akhirnya gw berbalik arah menuju tempat anak kecil tadi.. Anak kecil tersebut bilang dengan polosnya "kakak, mungkin kakak yang kakak cari itu udah pulang.." lalu seorang bapak yang disampingnya berkata "Iya nak. Hari ini ada pasien yang udah pulang. Katanya rumahnya di Tajur."

Baiklah.. Gw menarik nafas sejenak.. Kemudian gw melihat J.Co yang gw pegang.. Gw kembali menarik nafas.. Gw ambil amplop hijau di atas kotak itu dan gw menyerahkan kotak donut itu kepada keluarga anak perempuan kecil itu tadi. Gw bersalaman dengan orang-orang yang ada di sekitar anak kecil itu dan pamit pulang.

Gw merasa terlambat.. Namun gw ga menyesal.. Mungkin memang seharusnya terjadi seperti ini..
Sekian laporan kebodohan yang gw lakukan hari ini.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dedicated for my friend

"People never know how special someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes its important to leave, so they are given that chance to see how special that someone really is!" -Ali Nitka

Thursday, October 6, 2011

10 months... Jakarta, oh Jakarta..

This is about lived in Jakarta about ten months.
Middle of September - December 2010, March - Middle of September 2011.

Kos 18, Mega Kuningan, Karet Kabel. There were three places of dormitory that I ever lived in Jakarta.

Explore the capital city is an interest activity.

I have so many memories there. Like have dinner on Sarinah with girls and continue our night to 7-11 Bundaran HI. Lisa's birthday party on Warung Pasta. Did a project in Hotel Atlet with my team (Anas, Aloi, Gadsam, Tika + bombom, unfortunately Dhani was sick and she were at Hospital). Church on Gereja Duta Injil Ambasador, that was so nice. There was a saxophone player in the Sunday service. Cindy's birthday party on Hotel Borobudur. Well, internship with Delphia and Helen on MOI, Kelapa Gading, is a nice one (After I finish my internship I will write about that :D).
Gadsam's farewell with my girls in Dufan. Join youth fellowship with San-san in Gereja Kristen Jakarta. I've got new friends there, like Asan, Budi, Ci Iie, and so many more. Adventure with Karina in Depok, we were trying to reach her new house. She didn't remember the way to her new house. Stay in Aloi's house in Bintaro..

There are too much places and memories that I couldn't write on this post..
I just feel so lucky that I had all the experiences.
It gives me maturity, knowledge and also friendships.
and I feel so thankful.

Monday, September 26, 2011

move on

suatu peristiwa bisa jadi membekas dalam hati.
entah itu saat jatuh cinta,
saat marah,
kaget, kecewa,
ataupun sedih.

di saat seperti itu mungkin kita membuat keputusan,
mungkin keputusan itu berupa:
"aku tidak akan mengulangi lagi"
"aku harus lebih baik"
"aku memaafkan dia"
"aku tidak akan membalas..."
dan bla... bla... bla... bla...

sejenak terlintas bahwa kesimpulannya adalah: "move on."

namun setelah waktu demi waktu berlalu, dan sepertinya lupa bagaimana rasanya peristiwa itu mempengaruhi kehidupan sehingga semua hanya terlupakan..

namun berbahagialah yang masih berusaha mewujudkannya.

"move on itu bukan bagaimana kita melupakan suatu peristiwa tapi bagaimana kita menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik setelah peristiwa tersebut terjadi."

Friday, September 23, 2011

single lady can write a letter for her mate as well :)

Dear my soulmate..

I haven't met you yet..
but I always think about you.

Who you are, where you are from, what your hobby is..
I'm so wondering..

Maybe you are taller than me and have good looking. Maybe you take the same major just like me..,
Are you karoness or no? but I believe you have the same faith like me.., you believe in Jesus Christ.

okay.... I just want to say, I miss you.

and I want to explain some things about me.
I want you to know that I had some romantic experiences in my adolescents and in my early adulthood. Especially on high school.

but it just a past.. I hope you can accept it.

what about you?

Even though I haven't met you yet, I'll be faithful to wait you 'till you find me.
Or if you have found me, please be faithful wait for me 'till I'm ready..

Nowadays, I have been hold out to keep my promise for you.
To not give my heart to any strangers.

and I wish you do the same.

I love you.
and I miss you..


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love without limits

Love without borders is the hardest thing.
But it is the best thing.

Although neglected but still hugging.
Although being lied to but not revenge.
Even if treated unfairly, but did not return.
Although used but still help when needed.

The fourth things that I hate the most: ignored, being lied, treated unfairly and taken advantage of.

I had ignored and went away. I had being lied then vengeful. I had treated unfairly and then retaliate. I had utilized later became indifferent.

I did not realize that those were not taught to me to be tough. When I reply what they did, it didn't not make me strong.

When I keep trying to love them with a hug, forgive, and helping, that's make me grow to be strong.
The first time I did, those were not so easy, even thats's
very difficult to realize it.

But it would be more difficult if in this life I do not love.

Love without limits ... Even if people godless but try to still love .. Love without borders ..

Monday, August 22, 2011

My New Favorite Song

As I look around, as I gaze upon, the mountains standing tall, that towers on us all.
I feel my spirit rising, I feel my faith is rising.
So I lift my hands. I lift my hands.

Whom shall I fear? I know You're near. Your spirit over me. Your strength will carry me.
By faith I will move mountains. And faith will open heaven. So I look to You. I look to my God...

With You I'm strong, with You I am free to change the world, to be anything.
You're my faith in everything. For nothing impossible with You is living in me...

with You is living in me... with You is living in me...

Nothing is ever impossible by GMB

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Final decision

This is about Kuliah Kerja Praktek (KKP). You can call it an internship. I have about three options to be choose. First: be a counselor at xxxx, you can check 
The founder is very welcome to us (me, dhance, becka, n indah). The advantages if I take this chance are: first, a flexible job desk. Chit chats with some children, write the report, and then write a psychology article. I like to do that. One more reason: I can attendance its seminar freely. Of course, I can get so much experience and knowledge. The disadvantages is the location is so far from Campus (from Semanggi to MOI, Gading) -.-", work time (11am-6pm). I guess that’s not really safety for us.
Second: be an assistant in J.O executive search. That’s really a nice place. I guess I can have a nice future if I take internship there because the chance to be a staff there is big enough. But I guess my hope to internship there dash away because I don’t write I can speak English well on the CV. The weakness is the job is not my field and I don’t really like it.
Third: in Catholic School at Kedoya. Good point: teach Bimbingan Konseling. Weak point: start at school time (read: 7 o’clock) and the distance is very far and have a complicated way…
Finally, I decided take an internship in Kelapa Gading (alone). If you wanna know “why”, just ask me. I’ll tell you the reason. I just hope I walk in the right path... God be with me...
“ku daki, daki, daki, daki gunung yang tinggi, ku turun, turun, turun, turun lembah yang dalam. Ku melintasi padang rumput hijau membentang, Yesus besertaku.”

Guide me Lord, let me do everything with you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rumah Kos Edelweiss - BOGOR

Hello Ladies..!! Pick a room for you..

Teman-teman (Cewek) yang mau kos di Bogor tapi belum ketemu tempat kos yang cocok.. coba deh ke rumah kos ini..
JL. Pakuan Ciheuleut GG. Masjid Rt 004 Rw 09
Baranang Siang
Bogor Timur
Kota Bogor

Rumahnya bertingkat. Ada 8 kamar di lt. 1 dan 8 kamar di lt. 2.
4 kamar mandi, masing-masing lantai ada 2.

Harganya Rp 350rb/ bulan + Rp 50rb untuk listrik dan air. Lebih baik ambil pertahun aja.. soalnya kalo bayar pertahun cukup bayar 10 bulan, yaitu Rp 4 jt. Lokasinya strategis, mudah dicapai, dekat ke kampus Pakuan dan pusat pertokoan Jl. Pajajaran.
Bangunanya bersih, resik, aman dan sehat lingkungan.

dr. Nuraini
0813 8603 6573/ 0878 7052 2920

Saturday, July 30, 2011


sometimes I hate being an introvert.

I hate keeping so many things on my mind alone.
I hate being quite and prefer do not talk than tell others about what I feel.
I hate looking fine when I am not.

That's why I love my friends.
They are always cheer me up eventhough they do not know they do that.
That's why I like being around.
People can make me smile.

That's why I pray on the night like this..
It's remind me, what a friend I have in Jesus.

That's why I can be still..

Monday, July 25, 2011

gimme chance to change..

"Kesengsaraan itu menimbulkan ketekunan, dan ketekunan menimbulkan tahan uji dan tahan uji menimbulkan pengharapan. Dan pengharapan tidak mengecewakan, karena kasih Allah telah dicurahkan di dalam hati kita oleh Roh Kudus yang telah dikaruniakan kepada kita "

Roma 5: 3c-5

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My first song.. a step to be a song writer. :)


"Jesus, I know You listen everytime I speak to You.
Jesus, I know You understand and care about what I feel.

I believe in You. Teach me to be still.
To be still on Your way is all I need.

Jesus, I just want You to be here with me
Jesus, I just want You...

Uuuu... I always need You, Jesus... Uuuu.. Well, I just want You, Jesus."

Pujian ini ku tulis saat seorang diri di rumah yang begitu besar.
Mama Papa Kaleb sedang di pesawat menuju Bogor dari Jambi.
Kk sedang di gereja.
Lindungi mereka Tuhan.
Engkau di sini bersamaku dan tau isi hatiku.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rumah Kos Edelweiss

Hai, hai, hai…

Kali ini gw mau promo rumah kos-kosan khusus untuk teman-teman di bandung..

Lokasinya cuma 100m dr Unpar. (Jl. Bukit Resik 5 no. 3). Deket kan.. Bisa jalan kaki lagiii kl mo ngampus ke Unpar.. Kosannya deket sama kantor kelurahan dan puskesmas. Lingkungannya sehat, nyaman, udara segar, dan bersih. Cucok untuk belajar. Kosannya pas banget sama yang mau hemat untuk biaya tempat tinggal, soalnya tergolong murah dibandingin sama kosan yang lain.

Rumah kosanya namanya Rumah Kos “Edelweiss”. Rumahnya ada 2 lantai. Masing-masing lantai ada tiga kamar. Ukuran kamar sama harganya bervariasi, mulai dari 350rb-700rb per bulan. Saran gw sih mending langsung kos setaun, karena nanti biayanya bakal dipotong dua bulan. Lebih baik lagi kl ngontrak rumahnya sekaligus. Nanti kamu jadi bisa bertindak kya bapak/ibu kosnya gitu.. Harganya juga spesial (bisa lebih murah lagi).

Lantai 1 (kamar no. 2 & 3)

Di lt. 1 ada fasilitas ruang tamu (meja, kursi), dapur (kitchen set, rak piring, kulkas, kompor gas, tabung gas 12kl) serta kamar mandi berukuran luas.

Kamar no. 1 = pavilion rumah.

Fasilitas: - kamar mandi dalam.

- tempat tidur, lemari pakaian,

- meja belajar.

- 700rb/bulan. 7Jt/tahun

(tersedia mulai 1 agustus 2011)

Kamar no. 2: di dalam rumah (Kamar utama).

Fasilitas: - tempat tidur,

- lemari pakaian dan meja belajar.

- 500rb/bulan. 5jt/tahun.

(maappp pisaaann… tapi yang ini udah di booking…)

Kamar No. 3:

Fasilitas sama seperti kamar No. 2 tapi ukuran lebih kecil. 350rb/bulan. 3,5jt/tahun.

Lantai 2 (Kamar No. 4, 5 & 6).

Fasilitasnya: Teras depan, ruang tamu (nyaman buat diskusi ato belajar bareng), kamar mandi, jemuran papan.

Kamar No. 4

Ukurannya cukup luas.

Fasilitas: -kasur,

- lemari pakaian

- meja belajar.

600rb/ bulan. 6jt/tahun.

(mulai 1 Agustus 2011)

Kamar No. 5:

sama persis dengan kamar No. 4.

Kamar No. 6:

Fasilitas sama seperti kamar No. 4 &5 dengan ukuran sedikit lebih kecil.

450rb/bulan. 4,5 jt/tahun.

P.S: Harga tersebut belum termasuk biaya air dan listrik (tergantung besar kecilnya pemakaian).

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi pemilik:

dr. Nuraini

0813-8603-6573 / 0878-7052-2920

Pengurus rumah kos:

Bu Lilis

Jl. Bukit resik no. 18 b (0821 1570 8072)

jangan ragu-ragu untuk menghubungi Beliau. Orangnya ramah kok.. Hayooo segera booking sebelum di booking yang lain.. ^^

Thursday, July 14, 2011

tentang CINTA

hallo readers,

FYI, gw baru ngedekor ulang kamar tidur gw. Hehe.. kali ini kamarnya lebih gw banget.. Nah, bukan itu sih intinya.. Jadi pas gw nyusun dokumen, gw nemu kertas yang gw kira sampah..
Tapi sebelum gw buang, gw liat dulu depan belakan tu kertas. Di belakang kertas itu gw liat salinan artikel yang gw tulis setahun yang lalu. Artikel ini tentang CINTA. :)
Silahkan di simak..

CINTA adalah sebuah pilihan & komitmen. Anda memilih untuk menCINTAi atau Anda memilih untuk tidak menCINTAi.

Sekarang ini, kebanyakan orang percaya mitos bahwa CINTA itu tidak terkendali, bahwa CINTA adalah sesuatu yang terjadi begitu saja pada kita. Itu bukan sesuatu yang kita kontrol. Pada kenyataannya, bahkan bahasa yang kita gunakan dalam budaya modern menyiratkan CINTA adalah sesuatu yang tidak dapat dikendalikan.
Kita berkata "aku jatuh CINTA" seolah-olah CINTA adalah semacam selokan. Hal ini seperti suatu hari saya sedang berjalan-jalan dan BOM...!! - saya jatuh CINTA. Saya tidak bisa menahan diri.

Tapi saya harus mengatakan kebenaran: itu bukan CINTA.
CINTA tidak hanya terjadi pada Anda begitu saja.
CINTA adalah sebuah pilihan dan CINTA merupakan komitmen.

Memang benar, daya tarik memang tidak terkendali dan gairah juga tidak terkendali,
tetapi: daya tarik dan gairah bukan CINTA.
Semua itu dapat menyebabkan CINTA, tapi semua itu bukan CINTA.
CINTA adalah pilihan.

Anda harus memilih untuk menCINTAi Tuhan. Dia tidak akan memaksa Anda untuk mengasihi Dia (Ulangan 30:20). Anda dapat membelakangi Tuhan dan pergi ke arah yang berlawanan.
Anda dapat menghancurkan kehidupan Anda jika Anda memilih untuk melakukan itu.
Tuhan masih tidak akan memaksa Anda untuk mengasihi-Nya karena Dia tahu CINTA tidak dapat dipaksa.

Dan prinsip ini adalah sama benarnya untuk hubungan yang Anda jalani dengan orang lain:
Anda dapat memilih untuk menCINTAi orang lain tetapi Allah tidak akan memaksa Anda untuk menCINTAi seseorang.

CINTA bukanlah perasaan belaka.
CINTA adalah pilihan dan komitmen yang dibuat dengan kesadaran.

Daily Devotional by Rick Warren.

Semoga readers diberkati dengan tulisan ini ya.. Thank you. ^^

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unpredictable Holiday (part II)

Hello again..

I will continue my story about my holiday in Batu last week.

First day in the Monday Morning, I woke up and automatically fear about something.
I scared to take a shower.. It because the water was so glacial.
So I let my brother took a shower first. I planned to ask him if the water safe or no.
After he took a shower, I asked him. He said the water was safe for him.
yeahh.. finally I took a shower and thank God everything is okay (although it is really cold).

We (Me, brother, dad, aunt, uncle, and uncle's friend) had breakfast there.
After that, we all joined at kebaktian dewasa. Just a few second, my brother told me to find youth gathering. He felt he is too young to joined at kebaktian dewasa. After argued for a while, we decided to look for youth gathering.

okay, we found it (with some efforts).

we filled the presence list and I saw some names and their birthdays. I just shocked
and I spoke to my self: "First, I have no idea about this event. And now I'm the only aged 21..."
There was a man aged 22.. but just only one.
That was not "youth" event, that was teeneger event. :(

"everything is okay. all you have to do is sitting, quite, listening. that's it." again, I spoke to my self.

yeah. I did it.
But the MC wants to break the croweded to be 8 groups. It means I would be separate with my brother. no problem. At least I would have some new friends there.

After few moments, I had got an idea about this event.
Kebaktian Tahunan Nasional
Kebaktian = A church service from YPPII (Yayasan Pelayanan Perkabaran Injil Indonesia),
Tahunan = once a year,
Nasional = attended by all ethnic groups in Indonesia.

some new friends there :)

I just like dreaming. This is the first time I saw people from all over the island in Indonesia.
From Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, NTT, even Papua.
WOW... For me that was so beautiful. God is very cool.. He can creates unique people. I can see the glory of God when I saw them.

I met a boyband (four man, they siblings, in a music group) named ABODA.
They were very impressive.
You must see their profile:

I went through section by section.. That was not so bad. I had got new information, adventure, friends, etc. And on Tuesday there was some girls who aged 20 and 21. wahhahahahaa.. I'm so happy. We (me and my youth friends) went to Alun-Alun Kota Batu at night by angkot and went back to location by walked. So tired but that was so nice.

Alun-alun at afternoon

The event was from Monday to Friday. On Wednesday, Choky Sitohang would come but at that day I must GO HOME. It because I must teach piano lesson on Saturday. :'(

Even though I just a few days on Batu, I have so many memories there.
Thank God.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Unpredictable Holiday (part I)

On the sixth semester's holidays, I plan to go to Medan and have adventure there. But the plan was dashed when dad and mom had a discussion about my plans. They were worried because I did not design it in detail what I would do there. They do not want my vacation will be wasted.

Daddy suggested to go to Batu-Malang with Bi Uda and Kila. They said there is a Kebaktian Tahunan Nasional there. With a variety of considerations, I finally approved the plan.

We went to the Batu by car for two days. I had so much feeling.
The first: muscle aches (of course). The second: I feel very happy. Seems a semester that is passed by blood sweat pays off by cool breeze that caressed my face.

The air there was very different in Bogor, Jakarta, Bandung, or even Puncak. S
cenery to getting there was also very beautiful. Rice fields, mountains, clouds, and other natural scenery ones.

In the half way, we stayed at the Ibis hotel.
It had a comfortable service. The officer was kind and friendly. The most important one was the very delicious breakfast. There was Kila's friend who paid full of all fees for our lodging. I felt very lucky.

Bi uda (aunt), Daddy, Kaleb (Brother)

Then at that location (Batu-Malang), we stayed at the house of Mr Awas - a former vice-chancellor III (Institut Injili Indonesia). Again, I felt very lucky.

There were many stories at the event.
to be continue..

Thursday, July 7, 2011

semester enam T.T"

Akhirnya semester enam terlewati dan Puji Tuhan semua mata kuliah bisa lulus.
Puji Tuhan, nilai mata kuliah wawancara, metode kualitatif, psikopatologi anak dapat nilai C+ (mau nangis.. T.T") .
Nilai Psikopatologi dewasa dapat B-
Eksperimen + Praktikum dapat B
ICT dapat A.


sebenarnya perasaan gw sedih ketika gw tau mendapat hasil seperti itu. Nilainya beda banget sama semester kemaren... :'(
rasa-rasanya, gw berhak mendapat nilai lebih..

well, apa boleh buat, ketika pengorbanan ga sebanding dengan apa yang di dapat, ga ada jalan lagi selain menerima dan belajar dari kesalahan.

lagipula di kurikulum yg baru ini nilai wawancara bakal di akumulasiin sm nilai observasi (semester lima), semoga aj bisa ngangkat-ngangkat dikitlah... minimal B-.

hehe.. semangat, semangat..!!

gw akan menyambut semester tujuh (read: TINGKAT AKHIR) dengan ceria.. :D
doa gw semoga gw bisa lebih detail dan sensitif (kedua hal itu akan mempermudah penulisan skripsi)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

be tough

people have their own problems..
everytime I through a trouble,

I just try to be stronger

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

waaa... template baru... ^^

Akhirnya, setelah sekian lama gw mendambakan template baru untuk blog gw terwujud sudah pada hari ini.
Design nya sebenanrnya gw kurang suka. Too Pink and Childish.
Gw milih ini karena...
gw udah cape banget ngotak ngatik html design2 yang lain... --"
terus, gw belom tau nambahin music ke tabel yang ada di sebelah kiri itu..
di setelah post juga ga ada fasilitas comment..
hmm.. tapi ga penting juga sih, secara jarang banget ada yg komen.. hahaha..
Senengnya karena udah ada box chat...

beginilah kalo gaptek.. xP

anyway, thank you banget buat aloinche dan gadsam yang sudah menolong saya mencarikan domain yang bagus untuk nyari template..
kalau mau tau, silahkan komen di box-chat nya..
wkwkwkk... #noraaakkk...

smile.. smile..

Friday, June 10, 2011

My life on your hand..

Pada umumnya setiap orang akan berkembang pada setiap tahapan usia dari sejak janin hingga kematian. Perkembangan tersebut terdiri dari perkembangan secara fisik, kognitif, dan sosio-emosional. Beberapa ahli mengelompokkan tahap-tahap perkembangan berserta konflik yang terjadi.

Ya.. Memang pada umumnya seperti itu..

Namun aku berpikir.. Apakah aku mau menjalani tahapan tersebut hanya sebagaimana pada umumnya. Aku tidak mau kuliah karena alasan pada umumnya setelah lulus SMA, orang-orang kuliah. Aku tidak mau asal bekerja apa saja karena alasan pada umumnya orang-orang bekerja untuk mencari nafkah. Aku tidak mau menikah hanya karena alasan pada umumnya orang-orang akan berkeluarga. Aku tidak mau melakukan sesuatu hanya karena alasan pada umumnya.

Aku ingin menjalani sesuatu karena suatu tujuan yang harus aku raih. Seperti saat ini, aku kuliah di jurusan psikologi karena aku memang menyukai bidang ini sejak SMP. Aku merasa terpanggil untuk membantu orang-orang yang berada dalam kesulitan secara psikologis.

Namun, konsep “pada umumnya” terkadang berbenturan juga dengan idealisme yang aku miliki.

Seperti yang pernah aku utarakan, cita-citaku adalah menjadi psikolog anak. Pengen juga nanti kaya Kak Seto, jadi Ketua Komisi Nasional Perlindungan Anak. Hehe.. Ini berarti aku harus menyelesaikan pendidikanku sebagai sarjana psikologi di sekitar usia 22. Kata Mba Anne (psi anak), sebaiknya aku kerja di LSM minimal 2 tahun sebagai batu loncatan untuk lanjut s2 di luar negeri (beasiswa. Amin). Kenapa harus di luar negeri? Begini alasannya: jadi, program master untuk psikolog di Indonesia itu belum bagus. Taruhlah misalnya aku sekolah di Australia atau Malaysia selama maksimal tiga tahun (masih saran Mba Anne). Coba kita hitung-hitung usia aku setelah lulus s2…

22+2+3= 27


Disinilah letak konsep “pada umumnya” menyerang. Pada umumnya, wanita usia 27 sudah menikah. Papa sudah mengingatkan, jangan sampai karena keasikan mengejar cita-cita jadi lupa masalah personal.

Jadi, apakah aku harus mengorbankan cita-citaku hanya untuk mengikuti konsep “pada umumnya”..??

Beberapa orang memang mudah untuk menemukan panggilannnya. Beberapa orang memilih untuk menjadi pendeta karena ingin melayani Tuhan secara full time. Beberapa orang memilih untuk menjadi dokter karena memang minat dan kemampuannya memang di bidang tersebut. Beberapa orang dengan mudah menemukan profesi yang mereka cintai, dan orang yang mereka kasihi untuk sebagai pasangan hidup.

Saat ini aku tetap merasa terpanggil untuk menjadi psikolog anak. Memang tidak mudah untuk mencapainya namun aku akan tetap berjuang selama aku bisa.

Masa depan tidak ada yang tahu kecuali Tuhan. Ntah aku akan benar-benar menjadi psikolog anak, aktivis sosial, atau profesi lain. Ntah apa aku akan menikah atau tidak. Jika aku menikah, ntah aku akan menikahi pria gondrong, atau botak , kurus atau gemuk, hitam atau putih, orang karo, orang manado, china, atau suku yang lain. Ntah tidak punya anak atau punya anak.

Semua bisa saja berubah..

Aku hanya berharap aku benar-benar menjalani kehidupan ini sesuai dengan panggilan-Nya.

Karena masa depan sungguh ada, dan harapanmu tidak akan hilang - Amsal 23:18 :D

another chapter.

After through a rough season of life - valley of darkness - I feel relief and can breath again.  I met someone a couple year ago. He seemed...