Monday, December 4, 2017

Bahagia itu sederhana :)

Rechecking my health condition and knowing that is nothing that I should worry for are something that makes me feel better.
Having lunch together with family even just in one hour is also  makes me feel better.
Able to eat one of my favorite foods is wonderful!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Me miss you

Since I cannot eat what normal people usually eat, my breakfast and lunch was plain porridge, slices of carrot and tempe. But I can't help. I have eaten the same menu for about a week! So I took potato from the refrigerator and fried it and mixed it with salt! HAHAHA. Some minutes later, I boiled ten fish-balls. I ate five, and mixed the five others into my porridge. (Thank God, my stomach is okay)

Today I kept asking my parent if  I can eat any kind of pork, mie bakso urat, kwetiaw, mie yamin, pangsit goreng, sushi, ramen, laksa, brownies, and my others favorite food and beverages. They told me, I just have to be patient. I only drink warm mineral water or hot sweet tea. No juice, ice cream, milk, soda (I don't really like soda so it's not really a matter). 

The best what I can do is scrolling food account in some social media. Sometime I just tell my parents the way I usually eat while I was imagine in a restaurant. It feels real. T_T

Me miss you, my favorite food :*

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