Sunday, May 27, 2012

friends or foe? #part2

dear friend,
i don't know what are you thinking about conceived of friendship.
are friends is the recourse when you have no one else?
are friends more than a raiment for you?
or just ravens that eat all the seeds on storehouse?

you toil too much to be loved.
you array your words and it sounds so beautiful.
I supposed that was right, that was true.

I don't know why you always suspicious with others
You seem so insecure

Maybe this is a novitiate for our friendship
Or God just want me to abandon you
Therefore I'm thinking now
Are you deserve to accept my kindness when you behave so crude at me?
If you still beside me, I think you don't feel that is a privilege since I'm not a magnate just like what you expect

I don't have any intention for having a friendship with you but the sake of this friendship.

I convince my own way on God. He has the supreme rules. He wants me to forgive you although your words and behaviors hurt me so bad. I fairly want to give up.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

why money?

Thank God I finally can buy things by my own money after do some works as a piano instructor and a freelancer. Actually I like shopping but in case I have no money I don't feel excited to buy anything. Hahaha...
A friend had ever asked like this: "Have ever bought a Charles and Keith shoes or some shoes that have big brand name?" (means: expensive shoes). My answer: not yet.
Maybe she can buy anything she wants because she have money. But me? I haven't finished my education yet, don't have a job with high salary. So I don't waste my money or ask my parents to buy just for that kind of things.
Unfortunately, my netbook have broken by my fault.
I need to buy a new one.. :(
The good news my parents give me money to buy.
So I take the money, bought it with my dad yesterday, and promise I'll give my salary this month to them..
I'm happy but also regrets my fault.. Huhhuhuhuu...
I want to show you my photo experiences with my new netbook.. So funny I think.. Please don't laugh..

Friday, May 11, 2012

a best friend~

we do shopping, singing, sometimes arguing, eating, talking, sharing things, sometimes gossiping xD, do different sport together, chatting, hang out, have fun, supporting each other, play, pray, serving child ministry together, we do crazy things, we are friend xD      

Thursday, May 10, 2012

In case of emergency

It was noon, so hot, sweaty, and upset.. I walked in to elevator in Campus, push the button G (for Ground). Then I looked in front of me... I saw an announcement there.

"In Case Of Emergency:
1. Do Not PANIC
2. ...
3. ..."
I forget what's the second and the third xP

Then, I lift up my head. Remembering that panic is not needed in emergency.
Yes... It shouldn't applicable just on elevator. It applicable in real life.

In case of emergency: DO NOT PANIC 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Okay. I pray you'll be recover soon.

Do you remember about my post days ago about gratitude?
am trying to do it. Espcesially today.
I'm tired of complaint. It doesn't change anything but exhausted mentally.

Today I have an appointment with my thesis advisor at 2 p.m in Campus.
So I went to Campus, you know by what? of course train... but... what make it special is I take ecomy class train because I don't want to be late and the fisrt train is the economy one ..

If you live in States, Japan, Aussie, Singapore, or other developed countries there will be no worry take the economy.. but in Indonesia... *sigh* just look the picture
economy class train

There was no more empty chair so I stand up.. a lot of smoking people there. I thank to the Lord for He let me sit in Stasiun Cilebut (next railway station after Stasiun Bogor). And.. I fell a sleep 'till Stasiun Sudirman.

Finally I arrived in Campus. I sent my thesis advisor a text message, told her I already in front of her room. No response.
After an hour, I had got a text message from her.. She said she did send me text message in the morning, told me she has a fever, need take some rest, and can't go to Campus. She really sorry and apologize about that.
I only replied: "It's okay, ma'am. I pray you'll be recover soon."

Yeah.. I learned to praise the Lord whatever the situation.
So I decided to go home by train but I must take transJakarta to reach Stasiun Cawang.
I bought the ticket. SUDDENLY my chairmate on Junior high school sent me bbm. She said she want to mourn our junior high school teacher. I said to her that I still in Jakarta, in front of Plaza Semanggi. She said she was in front of Plaza Semanggi too. She asked me to join her, back to Bogor by her car. WHAT A MIRACLE.

We talked about many things. She encouraged me to learn english more and more. She asked me to play piano in her new restaurant. After that, we went to Sinar Kasih, mourned.

I learned how to be thankful in any conditions. I learned how to not give up. I learned how to save friendship as well.

Thank God for this beatiful day. This is only by Your Grace.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ku kan berharap padaMu

Di saat seluruh pengharapanku luruh
dari segala arah ku bagai diterjang peluru
nafas memburu dan akalku tlah hilang arah
bahkan mungkin kebuntuanku hasilkan amarah

kubertelut berlutut, kepalaku menunduk
kuabaikan setiap penatku dan suntuk
kuserahkan segala masalahku dan belenggu
lupakan arogansi dan setiap rasa angkuh

ku tahu problema sering datang bertubi-tubi
ku tahu ku cepat emosi dan berapi-api
tetapi ku tahu di sini aku tak sendiri
masih ada firman Tuhan yang buat aku berdiri

Dengan segenap jiwa ku meminta padanya
dengan setulus hati kumuliakan namanya
sehingga kuangkat tanganku demi dirinya
dan ku serahkan hidupku hanya untuknya

Blessed be the name of the Lord cause His words so sharp like two sided swords
ku pegang teguh semua janji janji Nya
dan takkan ragu kuangkat tinggi panji Nya

I've looked everywhere all around the world,
I should not scared cause he's my truly hope
Dunia tak bisa beri apa yang Kau tawarkan
PadaMu kunyanyikan, kasihMu ku wartakan

Hanya padaMu kuberharap
kasih Mu disetiap langkahku
Hanya Kau Tuhan, kuserahkan...
segala beban hidupku...

Ku kan berharap pada Mu..
(it's like this like that yo, now everybody)
(put ya hands up)
Ku kan mengangkat tanganku..
(it's like this like that yo, now everybody)
(put ya hands up)

by: disciples

Monday, May 7, 2012

more about "t"

I don't know why the sky is crying all over the day... Yes, cloudy and rainy day..
There's a lil' bit sunshine and sad I do not see rainbow after the rain....
The sky just like my progress with 't'... Do you know what 't' is?



Like the sky that sometime bright, my thesis sometime going smooth..
Like the sky today that so dark, my thesis now is stuck since my thesis advisor seems so busy and have no time for me :'(
Like wind brings the cloud to another place, I have another idea to make my thesis move... Hahaha...
I came to another lecturer and ask for her help to review my thesis and praise the LORD! She accepted my request. Tomorrow I'll bring my last progress to her and waiting her feedback..
Now, I'm still waiting for letter that I need to do interview and observation in a drugs rehabilitation. I pray for the permission won't be difficult and the subject will be cooperative. (Amen).

So guys, whoever you are, wherever you are, I need your support by prayer to Almighty God for I can finish my thesis in this June.. 

The sky needs more sunshine to make a rainbow.
I need You to make my thesis finish and bring a smile on my face just like this :)
- Cyevs

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sedikit cerita di hari ini

Akhirnya gw tiba di hari yang banyak orang menulis di wall Facebook,
banyak bbm masuk, banyak sms, dan banyak mention twitter lebih dari biasanya...
Pada awalnya gw menyembunyikan hari ulang tahun gw. Dulu gw orangnya sangat idealis dan hampir tidak realistis tapi gw masih sadar kok.. Hahaha.. Gw pengennya orang-orang inget ulang tahun gw tanpa harus ada pengumuman di facebook bahwa hari ini 6 Mei 2012 seseorang yang bernama Cynthia Eveline sedang berulang tahun. But, well, that's so childish and not fair, karena gw aja gak hafal semua tanggal ulang tahun orang2 yang gw kenal.. Gw seneng kok diucapin "selamat ulang tahun" sama orang lain.
Inilah canggihnya media sosial yang satu itu. Bahkan orang yang pernah ngomong di dunia nyata sama gw ngucapin selamat ke gw.. Hahaha... rasanya kocak aja.. Lebih mudah berkomunikasi di dunia maya daripada di dunia nyata untuk masa-masa sekarang ini.

Hari ini gw senang. Meskipun hari ulang tahun hanya satu kali dalam setahun. Meskipun hari ini tinggal hari ini. Meskipun besok gw kuliah pagi. Meskipun skripsi gw belum selesai. Meskipun peralihan hari tadi gw lewati dengan mengerjakan laporan MMPI-2, meskipun ucapan selamat ulang tahun belum gw terima dari beberapa teman yang gw harapkan, meskipun semua tidak sesuai dengan imajinasi dan harapan gw.
Hari ini gw senang.

Hari ini gw senang karena 22 tahun yang lalu gw udah terlahir ke dunia ini untuk sampai nantinya gw bisa kembali ke tempat Bapa di Surga. Selama menunggu pulang, gw ga pengen kehadiran gw sia-sia di dunia ini.
Setiap tanggal ini terulang di setiap tahun..., selama gw belum pulang, setidaknya gw bisa memanfaat semua yang Bapa kasih dan percayakan sama gw for glorify His Name. Itu berarti no more stay in comfort zone and no more being lazy!!

Sebenarnya masih banyak yang mau gw ceritain tapi yaa post kali ini cukup sampai sini dulu.
Semoga malam ini bulan bisa bersinar dengan indahnya..

I'm the star
You are my Sun
Without You I have no light
- Cyevs

New Year!!

Finally I'm 22 :)

I am a flower quicly fading
here today and gone tomorrow

Friday, May 4, 2012

I hope fashion is a friend

Actually.. I don't really like fashion and make up. Nowadays, I wear very casual style.. 
I have a lot of troubles with mix and macth my appearance..

Party always be a nightmare for me for I need to think hard which dress, high heels, other accessories to wear..  and the worst is .. put make up on my face..
Even in office I just wear shirts, trousers, high heels, and a simple hand carry..
A simple me..

Unfortunatelly, the fact is... fashion and make up are a part of personality and professionalism...
So I want to learn about that..
Hmm.. I guess my friend, Anas could teach me about this..
Sometime I see her blog's writing about fashion.. 
Please teach me master.. xD

Here, I try to show you what I approximately wear if there's a (wedding) party and its make up..

Who can make my face up like this? I can't do it by my self :(
the bag fashion - 134,99 USD
the dress -149 USD, so expensive :(
The shoe.. I don't know how much it price

See... fashion is expensive... :(
How's my choice....?? Is it good... or bad..?? 
Good or bad... I have difficulties to make it true.. Hahaha..

step by step

someday, i will travel the world :)


Semua orang pernah berimajinasi, bermimpi, berkhayal,
tapi tidak semua orang berani mengutarakan mimpi-mimpinya.
Terkadang ada perasaan tidak layak untuk bisa meraih mimpi
Atau mungkin, ada pikiran yang mengatakan bahwa sesuatu yang  didambakan itu terlalu sukar diraih..
terlalu berbeda dengan keadaan sekarang, terlalu jauh...
Lebih sedikit lagi orang yang berusaha menggapai mimpi..

Mimpi memang hanya akan sekedar mimpi...
Tetapi jika tidak berani memimpikan sesuatu bagaimana bisa kita meraih sesuatu yang memang benar-benar kita dambakan...

Mimpi menggerakan imajinasi.
Imajinasi menggerakan pikiran untuk berpikir. Pikiran menggerakan menggerakan kreativitas untuk membuat suatu jalan menuju mimpi...
Dan jalan tersebut menuntun kaki meraih mimpi..

Bermimpilah, tersenyumlah...
Biarkan mereka menertawakan mimpimu..
Buatlah mereka diam dengan mewujudkan mimpimu.
Temukan harapan-harapan lain..

Jangan letih berharap,
jangan letih berdoa,
jangan letih berjuang...

Nikmati setiap prosesnya...
Mimpi itu suatu perjalanan....

Cynthia Eveline
Selasa, 24 April 2012
@Rain City
Ditemani gerimis hujan kota Bogor...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

another chapter.

After through a rough season of life - valley of darkness - I feel relief and can breath again.  I met someone a couple year ago. He seemed...