Saturday, March 15, 2014

Aku mau (tapi susah)

Aku mau kayak Yusuf.. Dia tetap sabar difitnah sampe masuk penjara..

Tapi waktu aku difitnah, aku marah besar.. Gak bisa terima.

Aku mau kayak Ayub.., tetap percaya teguh sama Tuhan meskipun hartanya hilang semua bahkan nyawanya terancam..

Tapi waktu aku gak dikasih apa yang aku pengen, aku ngambek sama Babeh..

Aku mau kayak Petrus, yang menyesal tapi bangkit lagi, lebih dari yang semula..

Tapi waktu aku bikin kesalahan, susah banget kayanya untuk balik lagi..

Aku mau kayak orang-orang hebat itu.. Tidak terpuruk sekalipun keadaan mengijinkan mereka terpuruk.

Tapi aku.. Saat aku kehilangan harapan, kenapa aku mata aku tertutup untuk melihat harapan lain?
Kenapa mataku tidak seperti mata Yusuf, Ayub, ataupun Petrus...

Aku mau tapi ternyata susah.

Aku malu...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Comfort with the uncomfortable - Speech BM 4 - Toastmaster

Comfort with the uncomfortable 

Imagine that in front of you there is a mirror. Look at yourself. The mirror starts to reflect who you are right now. See deeply and it will tell you, who you were in the past. You will remember what you have done. See your eyes, and it will show you who you want to be.
Type of personality
So now I ask you, who you are?
What personality do you have?
No one has the same personality even twins. But some people tend to have some similar traits. Some people can be so extrovert and the others can be so quiet. Some people like to be with others, some people like to be alone.
There is a popular theory about personality named DISC. They determine people to 4 characteristics.
D for Dominance, an active people. Dominating, directing, and driving people.
I for Influence, an active person. Inspiring, impressing, interactive, interested in people.
S for Steady, a passive person. Stable, shy, security-oriented.
C for Compliance, a passive person. Careful, compliant, calculating.
Dominance and Influence are more focus on project, plans, and program. Steady and Compliance are more focus on relationship, emotion, and caring.
Now, may I know what personality do you have?

Comfort zone
It is good to know yourself. But some people make their personality as their excuse to keep on going in their comfort zone. For example, people tend to say: “I am dominant, it is natural if I am bossy”, “I am an influence, it is normal for me to talk a lot and people have to listen to me”, “I am a steady person, I will never can stand in front of people”, “I am compliance, how if I am not good enough to do the presentation? Oh I’m so worried
Me, as a Steady and Compliance combination personality, I prefer not to verbalize feelings, will give in rather than argue, resistant to change, and lack of enthusiasm. What a perfect combination to be stagnant. Maybe that is why it takes a long time for me to continue my basic manual.
I have a very comfort zone in my carrier now. My bosses are really nice, the environment is very friendly, the benefit is also good, and the job desk is no longer difficult. I feel very comfortable and bored at the same time.
Everything has changed when my friend told me that he has accepted work in overseas. He makes me remember my dreams that I have written when I still in college such as travel the world, have my own happy family, and have my own company.    

The advantage if we’re out of comfort zone
To be relaxed without an effort to develop myself more is a comfort zone. It may look comfortable and it is a beautiful place but we will never grow there. It’s a matter of survival. Comfort zone is just a resting place not a destination. And to get out from the resting place means you need to do the opposite. From restful to hardworking. From comfortable to uncomfortable. From no difficulty to facing some difficulties. I believe, as the reward, we will get the opposite as well. The reward is bigger than the suffering we may feel.
So now the challenges of Steady and Compliance like me are to be more positive, not to worry too much, be bold and strong, be confident, fearless, and be more enthusiastic. Turn the fighting mode not to compete with others but be ourselves. Try to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation after you feel comfortable, prepare yourself to the next uncomfortable zone. 
“Know who you are, and be it. Know what you want, and go out and get it!”

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