Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Testing the limit

Huhf! Finally, an exhausted season is going slow down. In many ways, I've been tempted with anger and everything about emotion by some uncomfortable events. Feels like God testing the limit of my self: patient, endurance, faithfulness, and everything. I have questioned Him once, why? And I've got the answer. It because He loves and wants me to improve my weakness and at the same time to blessing others. Everything He has allowed to happen is blessing in disguise.
Each moment that happening increases my assertiveness, and I'm starting to try let go what is on my mind. And when I am about to give up, there is always at least a person who remind me that I might be not like to stop now because it is too late to return to where I start.
Now, I know my limit more clear. I know my self more clear. And the most important thing is I know who is create me more clear.
And I am so excited yet a bit afraid what I am going to face next.. I am still working on my faith and praying that God will always remind me that He guides me along the way yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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