Monday, August 22, 2011

My New Favorite Song

As I look around, as I gaze upon, the mountains standing tall, that towers on us all.
I feel my spirit rising, I feel my faith is rising.
So I lift my hands. I lift my hands.

Whom shall I fear? I know You're near. Your spirit over me. Your strength will carry me.
By faith I will move mountains. And faith will open heaven. So I look to You. I look to my God...

With You I'm strong, with You I am free to change the world, to be anything.
You're my faith in everything. For nothing impossible with You is living in me...

with You is living in me... with You is living in me...

Nothing is ever impossible by GMB

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Final decision

This is about Kuliah Kerja Praktek (KKP). You can call it an internship. I have about three options to be choose. First: be a counselor at xxxx, you can check 
The founder is very welcome to us (me, dhance, becka, n indah). The advantages if I take this chance are: first, a flexible job desk. Chit chats with some children, write the report, and then write a psychology article. I like to do that. One more reason: I can attendance its seminar freely. Of course, I can get so much experience and knowledge. The disadvantages is the location is so far from Campus (from Semanggi to MOI, Gading) -.-", work time (11am-6pm). I guess that’s not really safety for us.
Second: be an assistant in J.O executive search. That’s really a nice place. I guess I can have a nice future if I take internship there because the chance to be a staff there is big enough. But I guess my hope to internship there dash away because I don’t write I can speak English well on the CV. The weakness is the job is not my field and I don’t really like it.
Third: in Catholic School at Kedoya. Good point: teach Bimbingan Konseling. Weak point: start at school time (read: 7 o’clock) and the distance is very far and have a complicated way…
Finally, I decided take an internship in Kelapa Gading (alone). If you wanna know “why”, just ask me. I’ll tell you the reason. I just hope I walk in the right path... God be with me...
“ku daki, daki, daki, daki gunung yang tinggi, ku turun, turun, turun, turun lembah yang dalam. Ku melintasi padang rumput hijau membentang, Yesus besertaku.”

Guide me Lord, let me do everything with you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rumah Kos Edelweiss - BOGOR

Hello Ladies..!! Pick a room for you..

Teman-teman (Cewek) yang mau kos di Bogor tapi belum ketemu tempat kos yang cocok.. coba deh ke rumah kos ini..
JL. Pakuan Ciheuleut GG. Masjid Rt 004 Rw 09
Baranang Siang
Bogor Timur
Kota Bogor

Rumahnya bertingkat. Ada 8 kamar di lt. 1 dan 8 kamar di lt. 2.
4 kamar mandi, masing-masing lantai ada 2.

Harganya Rp 350rb/ bulan + Rp 50rb untuk listrik dan air. Lebih baik ambil pertahun aja.. soalnya kalo bayar pertahun cukup bayar 10 bulan, yaitu Rp 4 jt. Lokasinya strategis, mudah dicapai, dekat ke kampus Pakuan dan pusat pertokoan Jl. Pajajaran.
Bangunanya bersih, resik, aman dan sehat lingkungan.

dr. Nuraini
0813 8603 6573/ 0878 7052 2920

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