Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Two times Infinity (28)

I need an infinity patience because I am too sensitive, easily crying, questioning too much, living in my own world, and stubborn. I need the infinity patience to push my door gently so I can open it smoothly. Not afraid something will harm me. And so I can open it wider.

Because sometimes, I close the door tightly. Not allow anyone open it even though they knock it many times.

Some people misunderstood what they see from the outside and I don’t have time to explain what they are really see so I have to let them walking away. Fortunately, I have chance and energy to explain to the other people. 

Sometimes when I go out and looking around, I see others' door. Some open, some close. I respect their decision either they allow me to come inside their home or not open it for me. 

Entering the 28y.o's club, I will see more opportunity, adventure, risk, dreams, world and still I need infinity patience because I think I never have enough time for growing up and settled. I hope I am wrong about that. 

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