Thursday, June 30, 2016

(Not) The End of Skyscraperland


Let me flashback to a moment when the first time I was in this Skyscraperland. (Skyscraperland is my internship world). When a normal daily things I do change into something abnormal daily things. When a day still a day and night still like a day. When friendships change into something fragile. When I think I lost everything including lover, friends, and family. When I was crying all by myself in the middle of the night. When I was grumbling because of the things I must left. When I must accept my limitation and stop doing fun things I really love. When everything seems so dark and I ask my self about the reason I take the risk to go over.

I failed. I win. I fall. I rise again.
Two exams failed ever made so down and so intimidate me.
Also when my adviser sick so I did the case with a minimum guidance ever made me insecure.
But by the grace of God, He can use everything to support me doing His will.
And the surprisingly, while I was leaving my comfort zone, the true lover, friends, and family will stay. (That is the important thing for me. I really grateful for all the people who stays.)

Skyscraperland is a scary thing but worth it.
All the hard work is paid off.

There is a thing to really end this road: Thesis!
Keep calm and let thesis begin.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


I want to lo love sunshine
Without a fear that it will be faded away

I want to love the moonlight
Without a fear that I will lose it in the morning

I want to love you everytime i'm awake, everytime I sleep, days and nights.

I want to love you without a fear
I want to love you freely

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