Thursday, December 24, 2015

Skyscraperland - Season 2

If you really love to talk, probably listen to others is your problem. Even when someone speaks the truth to you. You can use your strong ability to speak and start to defense about what you think is right. And for you who loves listening, talking will always be your last choice. Some people choose to be quite and let anyone talk.
For me, I love listening more than talking. It doesn't mean I can't talk. Talking is not really a big problem for me. I only talk with people whom I want to talk to. Either I don't want to join a silly conversation or I think I don't have the capacity to talk. That's my big problem. Why? Because it doesn't help me to go through my current life.
Living in skyscraperland, force me to talk, talk, and talk. At first, I refuse to make a conversation with some people, but do I have a choice? No. If I refuse to do it, my hard work will be wasted. So I must continue this journey and asking courage to break my limit. The important thing is not about talk or quite, but the action to prove that God provide  all I need to be what He wants me to be.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Selamat hari ibu, Mama :)

Mamaku adalah seorang wanita yang hebat. 

Mamaku adalah seorang yang sederhana dan penuh pengorbanan.

Kecantikan mama terpancar dari kebaikan hati mama.
Terkadang mama lelah setelah pulang kerja tapi mama tetap pergi ke pasar membeli bahan makanan untuk kami semua. Mama juga lelah setelah pulang dari pasar tapi mama tetap membersihkan bahan makan sebelum dimasukan ke dalam kulkas. Setelah itu, mama akan memasak untuk kami semua. Terkadang kami tidak menghabiskan makanan yang sudah Beliau buat. Maafkan kami, mama.

Mama berprofesi sebagai dokter. Bagiku, mama lebih dari sekedar dokter. Mama adalah obat. Ketika aku sedang sakit, dengan adanya mama di sampingku, aku akan merasa jauh lebih baik.

Mama selalu mengajarkan aku supaya aku tetap menjadi orang yang rendah hati. Mama selalu bilang kalau apa yang Beliau miliki sekarang juga bukan karena kehebatannya. Mama selalu mengingatkan aku bahwa kesetiaan Tuhan yang menyertai keluarga kami.

Mama adalah wanita kuat dibalik setiap air matanya yang sangat jarang terlihat.

Mama sangat berarti dalam hidupku.

Terima kasih, Mama.
Semoga aku selalu dapat menjadi anak yang membanggakan mama.
Semoga pada waktunya, aku juga dapat menjadi mama yang hebat seperti mamaku.

Selamat hari ibu untuk semua wanita di dunia.

Selamat hari ibu untuk semua ibu-ibu di dunia.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Christmas Carol in the Skyscraperland!

Have you ever heard or watch about "A Christmas Carol" story?
You can read the synopsis here if you have not known the story. 
I read the story so many times and watch it almost every Christmas.
But this year, I really experience "A Christmas Carol" in my life.

In this two years, I grew so bitter, hopeless, anger, and wasted my energy in negativity.
And it makes me unhappy as Mr. Scrooge feels. 
Like Mr. Scrooge who fly to the past and revisit to his childhood, God show me my childhood through my first client. It's like "I can feel your pain, Ma'am."

It took Scrooge to the scenes of his childhood and youth.
He was shocked to see a young Scrooge, a lonely but imaginative boy.

And in the present time, I can see what I've been through in the recent time by my second client and it makes me wanna say to her, "Oh, Ma'am, I know the feeling about doubting yourself."
It is not easy walking in the pain, act like you are okay and doing fine when you are exactly not.
Unconsciously, I become selfish to cover all the sadness.

God doesn't stop there. He brings me to the future in  a place called 'elderly house'. I meet a looooott of grandma there. But there is one grandma who realize me as a young lady, I should not ruin my youth with bitterness, hatred, and wasted my talents, instead, forgive, forget, and move on. In a second, physically and mentally I get the motivation to move on and not looking at past because it useless in this time. I don't want to get despair in my old age.

In the end of this year, God really knows how to touch my heart. And He did it.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
I hope God gives you all the spirit of Christmas,
a second chance to start a new life because Jesus Christ,
our savior was born to save us!

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