Monday, January 20, 2014

Ugly truth

Truth. Never always make a smile upon your face. It often hurts you. However, I prefer a bitter truth than a sweat lie.

Truth. Although it hurts, you still have choices. You can be bitter or raise up.

The truth sometime makes me blame myself. If only I could turn back the time maybe the truth couldn't be that bad.
If only I could fix it. 
In fact, the truth is out of my control.

I just wish everything would be better.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lost in the rain

Everything has changed!

Dreams, wishes, hope. They seems disappear in this early year. 
That is exactly not a good sign. That is why I write this post. I want to announce the world that I will not stop even it means I will be go in ways that I never imagine before.

And through this post, I will let you know that I have accepted in Magister of Psychology of Atma Jaya.
I am so excited . This is my dreams since I was in Junior High School. My dreams to be a Clinician finally only a step ahead!

Everybody knows it is not easy to reach dreams. Yes! In the very first way reaching my dreams, I've got my first challenge. I have been very struggle with this challenge. Really. My big dreams crush with another small dream that I wanted so much as well. People may tell me that I should leave my big dreams because it needs more efforts and time rather than my small dream but give me much happiness. And I had been agree for awhile.

Praise the Lord, He opens my eyes.
Great things never come easy. When you easy to be happy of something, be careful, maybe your happiness will leave you quickly. Easy come, easy go.

So now, I don't want to hide anymore. I only live once. Life. Be crazy (in a positive way). Say good bye to fear. I don't want to be better than others. I just want to be the best of myself!

The rain will never wipe my hope. My hope will come just like an heavy rain! I will lost in the rain of love, hope, and faith.


Rain outside,

Bloging from phone

Finally I can blogging from phone!!
Wait for my story guys!


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