Friday, January 15, 2016

Skyscraperland Depolicez City (Season 3)

- Based on True Story

After the first and second city in the Skyscraperland, finally I arrived in the third city called The Depolicez City. A lot of friendly people there! And my duty is to help 'The Squadez" to secure the City from people who wants to destroy Skyscraperland. Some people wants to steal, murder, and other evil things in the Depolicez City.

Yesterday, some terrorists from other planet came to Skyscraperland. They threw some bombs into a coffee shop and tried to kill 'The Squadez' in Depolicez City. The bad news is some citizen were passed away :(
On the other hand, I am so proud of The Squad because they can overcome that unexpected moments.

God forgive - The Squadez of the Depolicez City don't!

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