Monday, February 20, 2012

love is ... (5/5)

If you realize I jump to write post "love is ... (5/5)" It because I still prepare something for my post "love is ... (4/5)"  It is still secret... :P
Now, I want to write about lifemate here. And I used to think to write about exes. but when I think twice it's better if I write about future boyfriend who will be my husband rather than memories in the past, right..?? :D

Actually I haven't been close enough with any boy around. Sometime I think is there anyone who really fears the Lord, someone who really respects me as a woman, someone who's gonna responsible with his family, someone who's faithful, someone who can build a family based on God's words  ??
Being around with many boys who act like jerk I have thought that there's no any good man anymore >_<"
but I still have faith there's someone I've waited to find me who fulfill the criterias above (amen).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

love is ... (3/5)

In my life, there are so many loveable people.

These people are the dearest:

my parents

Daddy and Mommy @ Disneyland

this girl

We fight sometime but it's ok. She has been my role mode so far. Proud of her!

and this boy also
My lil' bro. We use 'babytalk' when talking sometime xP

because we are family

cherish every moment

love is ... (2/5)

If I must celebrate valentine's day,
This is valentine's meaning for me


love is ... (1/5)

Today is two days after valentine's day. I want to write a post before the day but... I lost my internet connection.. :(
And finally I get it back today.... Hurraaaaayyy...! *kiddyshout*

These are what I want to write:

I ask my self, "Why people so freak about valentine's day?"
It doesn't make any sense in my mind. Okay, you may say because right now I don't have a boyfriend yet. xP, and last year my last relationship broke up in valentine's day.
But love must be showed everyday, everytime. It so sad if you show your love to the ones you love just for a day.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

when everything seems go down . . .

I believe in the sun even if it isn't shining

I believe in love even when I am alone

I believe in God even when He is silent

Sunday, February 5, 2012

faith of the twelve baskets

Happy Sunday!!

Yesterday I got a text message from other sunday school teacher. She asked me to substitute her to be a praise and worship leader in batita (under three years old) class. Then this morning I was there. Batita class is the most difficult class. It is avoided by other teachers. It because you can be ignored by the babies whatever you do in front of the class. But it is not always bad in that class. The babies are cute and some of them have already be able to sing even though with their little voices.

The preacher told a story about one of some miracles of Jesus Christ.
It is about five breads and two fishes. I'm sure if you are a Christian you have repeatedly heard this story.
What this story makes so special for me today is:
I am reminded that nothing is impossible for God.

I'm still in progress doing my thesis. Sometimes I worry because it's difficult to get the subjects with some criterias of my research. So far the criterias are ex drug abusers and have been rehabilitated.
And I don't know who is going to be the subjects. Simply, I choose this topic because one of relatives had rehabilitated in National Narcotics Board Republic of Indonesia.
Honestly, I don't even know who she is. All I know that she comes from Medan, North Sumatra.
My family wanna help me to get some informations what I need for my research from her.
Before it's done, she has already gone to her hometown. :(

I've twice change the topic and I don't wanna change it again.
I still praying to God to show me, better I change the topic again (actually I don't wanna change it) or I will continue this topic (this is what I want).

I believe even though I don't know who will be the subjects of my research, I'm sure God will help me with unpredictable miracle.
I remember in the 3,5 years, He always help me to find subjects for every projects. I should no worry.
I do what I can do, He will do what I can't do.

Like five breads and two fishes be blessed and was eaten by 5.000 people leftover twelve basket, He can do more than I can do and think.

"Father, please help me to never be afraid for the impossible. Amen"

... and I'm going to eat fried fish right now :9

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