Sunday, January 25, 2015

A blessing

Luar biasa sekali rasanya ketika kita bertemu dengan orang-orang besar, berbagi mimpi bersama, dan mewujudkannya :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Last year's lesson learned.

Eight days has passed of the first month in this 2015 and now I don't mean to talk about the past year but I feel that I need to share about what I learn in 2014. I just don't want to let the lesson learned will vanish by my memory so I need to write about it.

#1 Bad beginning doesn't mean you will have a bad ending
If I remember what I was going through in January - March 2014, it was not really a good condition to start a happy new year because of something. And I still remember how hard I need to encourage my self to do my daily activities. By the time, thank God, things were going fine. And what I learn from those months is, no matter how hard life is, there is always a way to face the burden as a long as I have 'hope' to get a better condition.

#2 People trust you too much, even when you don't
This is related with office matters. Sometimes people around me, they were count on me too much even when I feel I couldn't do it. But their faith in me made me did my best. Sometimes when I did my best, I failed. Still, there was a way out, God's provide. On May 2014, I finally resigned from office to continue my education. Sad and happy at the same time ;)

#4 Miracle does not happen as what human's think. It works with God's thought. 
My family never plan to get some vacation to Australia. But everything was clearly to see God's grace. Low price flight, perfect time with some relatives there, weather, EVERYTHING!
I thought, I would have flight with my friend, but then God had another plan. Yes, miracle is not happen by what I thought, it is God's.

#5 Sometimes you don't really need what you really want
June - July 2104. World offers me a different kind happiness, a new kind of happiness, which I thought I need it. And I try so hard to get it as well. And I was wrong. Everything can be a source of happiness. Things are temporary but sincerity is eternal.

#6 The distance between people should be measure by the distance of their heart not the measure of inches, kilos, or miles
August - September 2014. I met some old friends from far-far away. It is sad when we have to say good -bye to people we love. But as long as we have the willingness to share about what is happen in our life each other constantly, the distance become closer no matter how far the distance between, and vice versa.

#7 People will forget what you have told them, but they will not forget how you make them feel
Master degree is beyond my imagination. A lot of new chances and many things come into my life. I know I have been blessed because people around me always support me. Some people may talk to me how they are want to see me shine. Some people do actions and encourage me. October - December 2014 show me that I may forget words were given to me, but I will never forget the feeling how people treat me (both right and wrong).

#8 No matter how hard you try to be kind, you are not resist from pain
Overall, I realize everything happens to make ourselves more beautiful. It means no matter how life brings you up and down, you always have choice to be better, not bitter. Because no matter you do your best, there is always at least someone who doesn't like your work. No matter you do try to be kind, at least, there is always someone who will betray you. You don't have to hate that people for misunderstood you because sometime you do, misunderstood others.

To all of my friends, thank you for by my side on 2014. Looking back the lesson learned on 2014, I am so excited for the adventures God has in store for me in 2015.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

First Achievement in This Year!

A bit hard to believe that this is 2015 already.
Holiday has passed, a lot of new exciting things are to come this year!
In my last post, I said I accomplished 3 of 5 goals in 2014. And yesterday, I just accomplished one of my 2014's goals. It need a little extra time to passed all the goals! :D
So now I achieved 4/5! Yeeeeyy!! Hopefully, one more 2014's goal will happen in this January 2015 as well *pray*

What I just achieved is finally I become a 'Competent Communicator' (CC) in my speech club.
It really takes courage to deliver my basic manual 10. The purpose of the speech is to inspiring the audience. In my opinion, one thing that could inspire others is the experience about our own self so we can let the audience know about what we exactly going through this life and how we overcome the burden we have. Because everyone has their own burden. And I believe, to share about our past or our experience including the emotion (pain, happiness, etc) is not a kid's stuff. But that is the only way how our life should be a testimony for others, to encourage others by our experience.

So I decided to share about my past - something that I don't really like to share to others. Not everyone has privilege to know the pain of my past. But my speech club has given me so many things. The members give their best. It is so unfair if I don't give my best. And only by let them know who I really am I can show them, I love them back.

I started to write the draft and share it to Erwin, Praw, and Lia. They give me feedback, both the content and the technical of delivering speech. Can't lie that my eyes easily get glassy when I read their comments. And I don't mind to share some comments here:

Finally, I delivered my speech and was evaluated by Tantia, my mentor. She is a very amazing person. She told me what she likes about my speech and how to improve it. 

With Tantia, my mentor.

After I finish my last project of Basic Manual, I a got standing applause from the audiences and got a pin as a CC.  

Cynthia Eveline, CC got a hug from Lia, Ms. President. 

And yesterday is really my day for I become the best prepared speaker and get the trophy.
I really proud of my self

Me as the best prepared speech.

I am very blessed to have this community. They take me as I am and allow me to grow and improve my self.

The best thing in that night is God give a full moon outside (my favorite moon). It is very beautiful :)

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