Monday, September 24, 2012

good bye, don't cry, and smile :)

I'm not a perfect child, not a perfect sister, not a perfect cousin, not a perfect friend, and i don't even perfect for my self. I'm not perfect at everything that conenct me into relationships with other humans.
There are always problems with communication. I often can't tell exactly what's on mind to around.
Sometimes I can't understand what other's meant as they wish.  In other time, I talk about statements that I can't accept personally. My morality holds my opinions to somebody for the sake of keeping their heart. but I doesn't I can't be honest. I can be all I am when I am with people whom I trust and love. But my trust and love maybe can't be felt by them, especially when I express it. They've thought I hate and judge them with my feelings and that's just horrible because everything messed up. My feelings ruined everything. I won't regret anything. at least I try. I've been thinking about this and I'm sure they will be better without me. Let's go back to the past when you are all have never met me. When I wasn't a part of this group. Let's go back into the past when you all are fine with my absence. I'll go on my own way but please, just don't forget me.

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