Sunday, July 9, 2017

All about timing

Every season has a different pace. Sometimes, I have to go fast like doing assignments, helping people, understanding what others are really said, and so on. But for making a big decisions in life, it doesn't have to be rushed, does it? Because it will impact for long term, important relationships, and many aspects in life. I think a silent moment is also necessary and not bad at all. People need to take their time to think, and to reflect what is really happen, to release the emotions and other "doesn't make sense" things. And hopefully, time will bring us in a moment that we realize and we can admit that we are not one hundred percent right, to accept others' weakness, to forgive what people do against us, to be okay when people misunderstood us, to see the truth about who ourselves really are. Hopefully it gives us peace in distress circumstances.

another chapter.

After through a rough season of life - valley of darkness - I feel relief and can breath again.  I met someone a couple year ago. He seemed...