Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bed Rest

Just feeling tired physically and mentally since my ex-boss wants to promote me. I am really thankful about it but doing something that you don't love just like lying yourself.

In last couple months, my boss send me and other colleagues the neighbor country to meet a client there. I was so exciting but not at all when I realize that the client is a difficult client. But the show must go on. Thank God, the project I handle has the most visitors. Unfortunately, the Client didn't think so.

"Please! Do something to make more visitors! Any cost will do! Any cost will do!"
shout the client.


"What the hell you are talking about?" I said silently.
You want many visitors but you just give us short time and minimizing the budget all the time.
You even don't pay the company for our effort to held this exhibition!


After the exhibition finish, I continue my life a bit peacefully. 

I decided to resign from my job and planning to have some holiday.

Go to Oz, meet my lovely people and enjoy the views for 17 days (Wish that I could stay longer there!)
I went to ex-office to give some souvenir. My boss saw me and say, 'Why not you comeback here until you start your post-graduated program?'
At night I text my manager and said, 'I'd love too.' 

A day after I back home, I went to Bandung and stay there for three days.
I directly went to Jakarta and work in the next day I arrived in my dorm.
After three days I work, feeling like I am dying. 

I've got dizzy, fever, and finally bed rest.

I decided I will not continue go to office anymore for health purpose.

Work, have fun, travelling, is a must, but health is important too.

Friday, June 27, 2014

10 Best Things about vacation in Australia

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted
- Matthew 5:4

Remembering about last few post I wrote, I feel like God really wants to tell me something.
First, He wants to cheer me up and prove that He never create bad plan for me. I think God wants give me and my family a present that we never imagine before.
Second, He wants me to be a better person, in english, self-confidence, and in my services to others.
Third, Last but not least. He wants to draw me closer to Him.

Actually. there is a thing that He wants me to know - the purpose of my life. Well, I'm sure even now I am not sure what He wants me to be, the best part I can do is to do His way of life.

In this vocation, He lets me see His GREAT creations!!! Too long if I write in this blog, so I decided to make a list 10 best things that happen to me in Aussie.

1. Beach along the way
I really love beach and always want to come to beach. Since Jakarta is not a right place to find a calm beach, I thankful I can enjoy beach view from Melton to Heywood. Captured by Canon EOS 600D
2. Winter
@Heywood. This is my first winter experience. Kinda excited about it. A police man said I go to Aussie in the wrong time, but I totally disagree about it. Winter is not cold as my heart before LOL *kidding*. Capture by iPhone 4
3. Heywood - Quite place, Friendly society
My Mom pose in a school in Heywood. She really excited to explore this city. The society is very friendly. They always greet us if we meet them. Even a driver in a car will open his/her window in order to shout 'Hi..!' Captured by iPhone4

4. Blue Sky - No Polution
@South Australia. Rarely car, Forest, Blue Sky. Perfect! Captured by Canon EOS 600D

5. Building Architecture
@Victoria. Good sense of art! Classic design~ Captured by iphone4

6. Kangoroo
@Victoria. How many kangoroos in this picture? There is no someone who ask you some money to get in the zoo. If you want donate some money, just put it in a piggy bank there. I am sorry, I am forget the name of zoo. Anyone? Captured by iPhone
7. Public Transporatation
@Sydney. A train on Sydney bring us from Campbelltown to City. Clean and no crowded. Captured by iPhone

8. Animal Care
@Melton. Cloudy Morning. We bring Zoey to play in the park. This is a cozy place to read a book. In this park also has a dog park when dogs meet each others. Not only in park but also in mall and other public place. Beautiful! Captured by iPhoe 4

9. This Couple
@Ballarat. I love this couple and also Zoey the dog. The man is my nephew. He already be an Australian. He married Kak Wendy. I hope they are happily ever after! Captured by iPhone4

10. This couple also!
@Blue Mountain. The woman was my sunday scholl teacher. She moved to Aussie to work as a nurse. The Man is her husband. They are really kind and so make us feel home. Captured by Canon EOS 600D

That's some of my reasons loves this country. I hope someday we will meet again!
Thank God for let me see others His great works of His hands.

@Sydney International Airport. See you again :* Captured by iPhone4

Note: All the pictures are no edited.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Perfect time

Hi guys,
I am now posting from Australia. Tonight is very cold, about 9 degrees celsius.

I arrived in Melbourne Airport on Sunday, 1st of June. Actually I plan to go to this country with my friend, Irene, but when I tell my parents and also my siblings about this, they thought it will be very good if they come with me, remembering I have a cousin lives here.

So Irene decided to not join us and I feel sorry about this.

Anyway, the first day in Australia, my cousin named Immanuel, pick us in the airport about 1:30 am - not really cold at that time.

We hug each other and I can believe he was walking by my side in Melbourne.
It just like a dream comes true because he always ask us to come and our answer is always: one day we will come. So today is the one day :)

We went from the airport to Melton - his place. Stay for a night.

The next day, we go to his wife, Wendy, place in Heywood with his husky dog named Zoey. 

Zoey is a very pretty girl dog and wolf.

Bang Immanuel took us through the journey with the best view ever. Beach along the way!!

At some point we go outside from the can and took some picture.

Actually, you only need 4 hours travel from Melton to Heywood, but we took 8 hours.
Heywood is a small village with 1300 population, peaceful, and very beautiful.

I met Kak Wendy for the first time. She is very kind and friendly. I really love her! She cook very delicious supper for my family for three nights. 

Today, my family and bang Immanuel (without kak wendy and Zoey) go to Portland. We stop in a playground. I, my sister, and my brother play in the playground, my parents dance and sing below the big tree, bang Immanuel take pictures and video of us. That was the perfect moment I want to remember for all of my life.

Thank God for everything.

Tomorrow we will go back to Melton and stay there without internet access :(

Good night.

God bless you


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