Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sepatu Baru

Sudah rusak?

Masih merindukannya?

Masih merindukannya namun perlu sepatu baru.


Lost in Bali

Hello again! :D

I'm gonna share my first time to be a Table Topic Master (TTM) in Motivator International Club.
TTM is the one who gives some question to other Toastmasters and guess to stand in front and give some speech to answer the question for 1-2 minutes.
Take the role as a TTM is not really a pieces of cake and hard either.
The theme is BALI.
By suggestion from my senior, she asked me to prepare 10 questions.
I think what could be happen in Bali.

So I am gonna share you the 10 questions I have prepared also write the short answer of The Table Topic Speaker.
You can try to answer these question if you want and share it in comments :D

1. If you have a month of being anonymous in Bali, what will you do there, and why?
Guess' Answer:
I enjoy my time to be alone with no one know me. Maybe I will feel lonely but I am sure I will enjoy it.

2. You are walk alone in Kuta and suddenly there is a girl crying because she's lost her parents. You walk her to police but the girl admit that her mother is you. What would you do?
Christina's Answer:
I will bring her to my home and ask her to be honest who is the real of her mother. If she does not want to admit, when she sleep, I will bring and let her sleep in front of Tempat Penitipan Anak (TPA).

3. What is the most unique thing you like in Bali?
(I don't ask this question to anyone)

4. You go to Tari Kecak performance. While you walking, somebody grasp your hand and bring you to backstage. They put Tari Kecak dress at you. They think you were one of the dancer. You don't have time to explain. And finally you are in stage. What would you do?
Agi's Answer: 
I don't know why they think I am the dancer. I have a white skin. But if I were in the stage, as my motto: "The show must go on". So I will follow what the others do until it finish.

5. If you have a chance to visit one area in Bali, what area you will choose?
Ma'am Kim's Answer:
You know, I have a lot of chance to go to Bali. Whenever I want to go there, I can go there.
But there is a very beautiful place in Bali, you can catch fish with you hand. The place is near from Uluwatu.

6. You are a citizen of Bali. Someday, you meet and have a relationship with a Foreigner. The Foreigner ask you to marry him/her and move from Bali to his/ her Country. If not so, he/ she will broke up your relationship. What will you do?
Claudia's answer:
Many Foreigner come to Bali just want to see how beautiful Bali is, how great the beach is, how unique the culture is. And I see, some foreigner also falling in love with Indonesian girl because they are beautiful as well. Unfortunately their relationship end up when foreigner back to his/her country. So if I have a boyfriend force me to leave beautiful Bali, it is better to me to broke the relationship. Love is not egocentric. Love is when you understand someone and talk each other. 

7.What do you think about nightlife in Bali compare to the culture of eastern especially Indonesian culture?
Praw's answer:
I just back from Bali weeks ago and had the first time of my life go clubbing and dance a little (of course not in Toastmaster way). I came in with expensive price, so I suggest you better spend your money to go around Bali rather than spend it for Clubbing.

8. You go surfing in a beach and suddenly there is a big wave bring you to somewhere you don't know. You find the people there with their own language you don't understand. What would you do?
Ikhwan's answer:
I will use 'kutumbaba' language to ask them make me a yacht to go back my place. 

9. Bali is a famous of its beach and other natures. Unfortunately, there is so much garbage. What could you do to make it clean or better?
Iwan's answer:
I will go to related department and ask them to join clean up the beach. If they don't want to, I will go clean by myself.

10. As a trip advisory, what place do you suggest to tourists?
(I don't ask this question)

The Best of Table Topic Speaker is: AGI....!!
Congrats Agi...!! The Show must go on!!!

My Reward of Work

The reward of our work is not what we get but what we to become. -Paulo Coelho

I absolutely agree with his quote. It is more than a month I absent in writing. Maybe I am too busy write, too busy too think, too busy to express in words.
So now, in midday, I take time to write some things I want to let myself know what exactly that I am doing here.

Poor me. Sometime I don't know what and why I am doing here. All I know is I can life from here. But this is not my life. But, blessed me, I can learn and change to become a better me.
Here are what I become in about one last year:

- Patient
Almost every-time I take a deep inhale-exhale. It usually happens in office when to-do list is overload, especially when I must do the work that does not exist in my job descriptions. I also learn to be patient from the stubborn people here.

- Preparation
Wake up earlier, tidy up my small room, order the clothes, keep clean my table work, etc.
Making sure I have all the weapons before I go to war!!

- Assertive?
This is it. How can it so difficult...? I still learn it. Please, anyone, teach me how to be assertive..

- Hope
The last but not least.
Hope makes me feel fresh in the morning.
Knowing I still can reach my dream today.
For today I will get what I need for my tomorrow.
Hope makes me can dream.
Hope brings my dream back into my mind, into my life.

I hate being here but I know I have too blessed to be stressed.

So I am continue learning - to fly - reaching my dreams.

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