Sunday, July 28, 2013


I never thought before I have some amazing friends surround me.
To all my friends, I want to thank you for your support when I am down !!
Perhaps you even never know that the laugh we share each other heals me !
I love you ! I love you ! I love you !

Improving self

Hi Everyone!
I hope you all are well.

I am so sorry my last post was so emotional and I can't promise that will be the last one. Haha. It's not so easy for being an introvert, pleghmatis, and melancholis at the same time. But I will do better from now on. =D

From my last (bad) event of my life I have learnt, do, and think a lot, a lot than I did before.

I let go my mistake, past - every past that make me stuck in the comfort zone.

I joined an english club, sport club, take vocal course (my vocal is getting better each day!), more active in youth community at my church, I talk first to stranger, finishing some books I bought, renovate my room, trying to be an assertive as well as I can be, more confidence talking at the public, helping parents more than I did last year.

I still have some plans for the future. I want to go around the world, see the beauty of God's hand. Learn some languanges as much as I can (although my Jappanesse is not getting better for now.. xD)

I did some improvement to my self and I am happy with that. =D

I realize someday I will be old and on that time I don't want to regret everything I didn't do in my youth.

When a door is closed, be sure God opens another door for me to go. My faith is He directs my path in the right way. That's why I don't have to be worry.

I believe there's never too late to be better.

I love you, Father =D

Friday, July 12, 2013

Minus is better than zero

I. First Story
Yesterday, I heard someone speech about "minus is better than zero".
He let me knew that he has ever failed in his life. On the way he tried to reach his dream, he has got an accident. Too bad, he could not go ahead. He was angry, upset, and mad at God.
He felt that everything he did was useless.
His father came to him and said, "Son, when you put you efforts and sacrifice on the good things, it never leads you to nothing."   
Sometimes when you feel you already walk in the right path, God just take you to a place you never know because the efforts you did more suitable in God's plan than your plan.

II. Second Story
A man went forward and said that when he was younger, he would join the humor speech contest but his parents did not agree with his decision, they argued and finally won the competition. 
He choose to be his self. He is not live other life and expectation. He lives his life.
He realize he is just life once and he will make it enough.

"I choose to be my self. I don't want to live others' life and expectation. I live my life.
I just life once and I will make it enough".

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