Friday, March 23, 2018

Where is The Merlion?

Last month, Celebrating my resigning from the former job I decided to went to Singapore and a asking a friend, Ester, to join me. It was a very quick trip. We stay for three days two nights.

I went to Bandara Soekarno Hatta from ITC Cempaka Mas by Jax Connection. Delightfully, there was a Gojek who accepted my request to ITC Cempaka Mas. Can you imagine I bring a medium size of a suitcase in a motorcycle? I took the first schedule of Jax Connection which at 5 AM when the sky still very dark. AND I AM THE ONLY PASSENGER. HOW CREEPY!! But I kept telling my self to remain calm. And THANK GOD I arrive at the airport in time SAFELY.

I met Ester after I had my breakfast. We were so excited because we never been go to Singapore before. We flight by Lion Air and it was not delay. Amazing. The flight was about 2 hours and we arrived in Changi Airport! Our first destination was Chinatown since we stayed there. We went to Chinatown by MRT and it took about one hour. We used google maps to find our motel and it does not really help so we begin to asked people around, long story short, we found it for one and half hour. Finally. It was so hot and the sun shine so bright!

Our second destination is Merlion Park to see nothing but Merlion. When we arrived there, we desperately tried to find it. WHERE IS THE MERLION? After one hours went around, we just reliaze... the merlion.... is under-construction. My dream to take a picture with a symbol of Singapore was just disappear in a second.... I felt really brokenhearted.
The under-construction Merlion :(
Taken by XiaoMi Note 4
I think the Sun can feel my heart so then the sun was hiding and the rain was falling. We sat and went through across the park around after the rain stop. We enjoyed the environment, park, building, and I admit Singapore is cleaner and far-far hygiene than Jakarta.
In Singapore the day longer than night. At 7 PM the sky is still bright, it begin to dark at 8PM. At night we were so happy because we could enjoy Garden by the bay, the music, the song, the attraction, the technology was so cool and beautiful. After that, we went back to motel at 10.00.
Garden by the bay at night
Taken by XiaoMi Note 4
The next day, in the morning, we get acquainted with our roommates. They are from Japan and Korea. Yay, we have new friends! So the second day, I and Ester went to Universal Studio Singapore. IT WAS AWESOME!! I love it. After that, we had an appointment with our new friend to go to the beach near USS, it called Palawan Beach. I think it is more like harbor than a beach but still have a beautiful natural sky. At night we ate at Chinatown and walked to Clark Quey. We enjoyed the eclipse and blood moon at the same time. It was so memorable.
Ester in action, Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island
Taken by XiaoMi Note 4
Early morning at the third day, I and Ester went back to Indonesia. Our Friend went back to Malaysia to continue his holiday before he went back to Korea.

So the short trip, although, really, really short. It has a lot of meaning. Hopefully next time, I can explore the city more or maybe just visit another country. Europe? Maybe.

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